Before going international you need to understand the market

It is important to understand the market before entering it or expanding the activity. At minimum, you need to understand the market structure, main players, main clients and clients’ needs in order to enter a market successfully.

You have to analyse is the product suitable to the market, or do you need to do changes, do you need to add services to the product, or do you need to consider totally different approach, if product or service is not appropriate to the market. Or is the market right for your product at all?

In general, there are two ways how to export – direct and indirect export, using intermediaries. As a small company it would be wise to consider the indirect export as first option. With first steps with export you have to control costs and minimise risks with your export business.

As a cultural creative company, you might consider possible entry models like franchising, joint projects or joint ventures as well.

No matter what model you choose, your export decisions have to be based on systematic market research.