Creatives meeting during the training week in Matera

The training week in Matera saw the participation of cultural and creative entrepreneur from countries that were not in the partnership of the project.
This is the case of Milan Vracar that decided to come all the way to Matera from Novi Sad in order to take part in the training and build possible cooperation for his work at Kulturanova, actively involved in the future program of the city as European Capital of Culture in 2021.

In Matera, Milan took contact with Sabina Baciu, creative entrepreneurs from Romania, and her Nod Maker Space. During the week they found common interest and a project to work on together.
It is the “Mater Library and 100 Romanian design objects” Sabina is working on and that will soon see a contribution by Milan.

The cooperation in the words of Sabina:“After ICCI training in Matera I developed a partnership with one of the international participants (Milan Vracar) and we are in contact for the project ”100 Romanian design objects” that I am coordinating. Specifically, I will itinerate the exhibition in Novi Sad, Serbia – and I am very happy I had the chance to meet an interesting partner in Matera.”

But Sabina did not just started a cooperation with one of the participants, she is now also part of another European project developed with one of ICCI partners, Power Net!

“Also I started a collaboration with Power Net and we are now partners in an Erasmus+ project on the topic of urban art.”