Musicians international promotion

by Nieves Verdejo –  fygconsultores

Artists’ talent is the main reason behind Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) and it is worth to promote and protect. This industry is an innovative engine essential for the economic development.

Even if talent should be promoted, it is not easy for artists to make themselves noticeable and gain public recognition. Nevertheless, in the last decade some of the traditional procedures of the industry have completely changed. This is the case of performing arts and musicians, to whom internet and social media have specially contributed in their self-promotion. Sometime ago just finding a proper promotor was tough, and nowadays a mouse click is enough to be on an internet platform and arrive to a worldwide audience. As a result, performing arts is the sector from CCI which generates more employment (6,73 million) and music the third one (3,98 million).

The most famous online platform is YouTube, every musician who wants to be known has its own channel. In order to contribute to promote emerging artists the platform uses different tools. For example, the web-page proposes possible new artists/songs one may like by analysing your previous views; they have as well music festivals like the YouTube Music Awards as well as agreements with different radio channels. Moreover, the online platform has noticed the potential of emerging artist and has created a tool called “YouTube for artists” where they teach and give advice about how to maximize the use of the website in order to be discovered, how to create engagement with the public, and free production resources among others.

Therefore, promoting oneself through internet is important, and there are different public contests which aim to make new artists known in an international context. Promoted by the EU there are two festivals: European Border Breakers Awards, (creative Europe programme), this is an initiative designed to highlight the success of emerging European artists in foreign markets.

European Talent Exchange Programme; its aim is to make artists to cross borders in Europe and build European and international careers. On the other hand, national promoting contests are being carried constantly by private media companies with the intention of helping small groups to overcome finance difficulties and launch their career.