Training Package

The Training Package is not only a collection of tools and topics/competences on which the training focuses but also a set of guidelines and methodologies on how to deliver the training itself aiming to “take out” competences from learners to enable them to use their personal attitudes and build a personal approach to internationalisation, exploiting mentorship and coaching process that will be made available by the project and the channels of the partnership. This is possible through non formal pathways, process of business dream development and following business model.

All tools included in the training modules are effective and easily usable by the community of creative industries and intermediaries around Europe and increase the number of beneficiaries.

The mix of training methodologies including theoretical lessons, group workshops, practical experiences/business models and business planning, creative entrepreneurs will be able to grasp all aspects of internationalisation and access to global market. This mixed methodology also allows a lot of flexibility regarding the content taught, and makes it possible to take into account specific needs of each learner.

This package is a support to both the training to be performed in the pilot phase (European learning action) and for the online training, through the e-learning platform of the project. The methodology is also flexible and adaptable to the specific level that each trainee identified by the Competence Framework.

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