Competence Framework

The Competence Framework for Internationalisation of Creative and Cultural Industries lists and prioritises the key competences Creative and Cultural Industries operators should possess in order to be able to start and implement a process of internationalisation of their company, their services or the entrepreneurs they will support (in case of intermediaries).

The Framework was developed after the first phase of desk research and online / face-to-face surveys and before the development of the training package.

The final structure, the contents and the general approach of the Framework also came from the valuable contributions of experts of internationalisation of SMEs not working with creative industries who provided their expert advice on which competence are necessary for CCIs to go global through a specific qualitative questionnaires, and consultant of CCIs whose specific experience in supporting CCIs entrepreneurs provided a supportive mixed feedback with experts of internationalisation on how to structure the framework.

In fact, the two views were combined in the Competence Framework including the two different approaches and representing the base to develop the training package.

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