This handbook for creative industries on how to approach internationalisation aims at providing additional practical activities/exercises, case studies/further readings, hints, and tips related to the training modules developed by the ICCI project partnership and each of the chapters comprises information related to the training modules identified at milestones to cultural and creative businesses internationalisation.

However, beyond the specific reference to the training modules developed, all resources and tools offered will surely help and support:

  • Artists, interested in understanding how to promote their work in international networks
  • Cultural organizations, interested in understanding how to develop projects with other entities from Europe
  • Creative companies, interested in understanding how to search for new markets and new clients in Europe and how to sell their products/services
  • Intermediary organizations, working to support the Creative and Cultural sector in general or specifically in internationalization processes

We trust that all tools and resources included in this handbook are effective for the users so that they could be easily used by the community of creative industries and intermediaries around Europe and increase the number of beneficiaries.

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