“Don’t be a busy fool. Slow down and think; work smart, not hard. Think strategic marketing first.” (David Parrish)

Strategic Marketing follows a holistic approach: it is about the business as a whole and its design and development around the changing needs of your selected customers! That means, that you have to be aware of the strategic objectives and characteristics of your own sector and your own creative business idea. These objectives and characteristics influence your strategies and your operational marketing instruments, which you have to follow in order to successfully achieve your goals.

For example: if you think about the communication strategy, previously you should know who you are, what you can do and how to compare it to your environment. These dedicated considerations represent an important step – from mission to vision, to analysis. Before using external communication tools such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, etc., a kind of internal analysis should take place.
You are mostly content-driven and to a large extend interested in taking an active part in the co-
design-process of our society. In comparison to the classical economic sectors your target systems
are slightly shifted.

Why is it important to highlight these differences? If you have clarification about your own personal goal system, it is easier to give answers to all operational marketing questions especially with an international perspective. As said before, reflect on your mission and main objectives of your creative product or services. If you know, who you are and where do you want to go go, every decision you have to take regarding your questions as communication, price, product etc. is easier to deduce.

The illustration of the whole marketing process gives you an short overview of the steps you should
have in mind. But be sure, that you have to go through this process several times, since your
environment will change!