Where does the creativity hide

Have you ever wonder where does the creativity hide?

We wonder and that’s why we found this very interesting speech on TED from Amy Tan. Amy Tan in as American writer. In 1983, she became a freelance business writer, working with telecommunications companies, including IBM and AT&T. Her novel The Joy Luck Club was adapted into a film in 1993 by director Wayne Wang. Now she is sharing with us her view on the creativity.

What’s creativity? For us is a process when we make a connection between old and new ideas or recognizing relationship between some concepts and idea. Being creative doesn’t mean to generate something new it’s rather taking what is already on the market and trying to present it in a new – better way.

Do you know that there are many great possibilities that you have never considered before? By analyzing Amy’s experience and her path we can see that creativity can hide everywhere. The clue is that we should be aware of this fact and have our eyes open all the time.

Creativity is inside of each of us so we just have to explore it and use it. Sometimes there are no answers for our questions – is that good or bad? Is that making you to be more creative? Amy is sharing her experience from different perspective and using original way to present her point of view related to creativity.
Listen to her voice and stimulate your creativity: