Training on Internationalisation in Matera – Results of the selection

After a very difficult selection, with over 300 users registered on our platform and 150 applications, we are finally able to announce the list of artists, creative entrepreneurs and intermediaries selected to take part in the training week of Matera, Italy from 28th January to 3rd of February 2018.

Here is the list:

Brune Charvin (France)
Jessica Ferey (France)
Camille Foures (France)
Robert West (UK)
Yolanda Mercy (UK)
Elen Roberts (UK)
Jaanika Kikkas (Estonia)
Elvo Jakobson (Estonia)
Mauri Abner (Estonia)
Coral Pereda (Spain)
Jose Francisco Rojas Matas (Spain)
Elvira Rilova (Spain)
Patricia Gallego (Spain)
Iman Kamel (Germany)
Ole-Kristien Heyer (Germany)
Hanna Schonberg (Germany)
Kristzina Papp (Hungary)
Gyongyver Peceli (Hungary)
Eniko Schmidt (Hungary)
Daniel Fat (Romania)
Andreea Ranja (Romania)
Sabina Baciu (Romania)
Andrea Pugliese (Italy)
Anna Estdhal (Italy)
Giovanna Marroccolo (Italy)
Vania Cauzillo (Italy)
Carlotta Vitale (Italy)
Maria Teresa Cascino (Italy)
Milan Vracar (Serbia)

For those of you who have not been selected, we invite you to follow our social networks and website since we are planning to launch the online learning environment on our platform where you will be able to find many of the tools we will use in Matera.

Furthermore, partners are planning to organize local workshops to replicate the training at national level so thank you very much for the interest showed and stay in touch!

For the selected participants more info to come soon from national partners.

See you all in Matera!