Choosing right market means a loads of preliminary work

It seems you know that your products or services are needed at that particular market. Or is it so?

Going abroad with your creations is not cheap – so you have to think it through carefully.

Firstly, it is wise to  create a list of information you need to know in order to make your decision. For example – what is the market volume, the  growth trends, what kind of competitors are already there, the difference from your home market, who are the main buyers ect.

Google a lot, this is very helpful. You can find out necessary information in articles in media, some market overviews, annual reports .

Of cource, you have to put some effort to the primary research as well. You have to talk with people, observe their behavior, conduct some focus groups – all these can give you some valuable information and you will save lots of money not doing all the mistakes.

Only after these steps you are able to decide, which market is right to you – what product would be the best to introduce there and who will be you partners.  And the most important – which communication channels to use to reach your audience/clients and how much all of this costs.