Priority Export “Family”: Cultural and Creative Industries

France’s cultural and creative industries account for around 2% of the French economy and nearly 600,000 employees. It is a key sector that generates €32.1 billion in export revenues.

France’s cultural and creative industries lie at the crossroads of economic diplomacy and soft power and are fields of excellence for our country. Promoting them is essential to ensure both the distribution of French creation and support for our cultural businesses.

The cultural and creative industries unifying family strives to encourage synergies between the various sector stakeholders by bringing them together under a common identity. The objective is to enhance the visibility and competitiveness of French cultural and creative industries abroad to improve their results in emerging and trend-setting markets.

Jean-Noël Tronc was appointed as cultural and creative industries unifier in February 2018.

French position

Exporting cultural goods helps to spread French language and culture and project a strong, dynamic and innovative image of our country. France’s cultural and creative industries are a source of artistic, intellectual and technological exchange, and promoting them supports other business sectors (such as tourism) which generate €32.5 billion for the economy. France boasts several global leaders in each sector, such as Universal Music in the music industry; Ubisoft in the video games industry; and Hachette in the publishing industry.

Certain sectors enjoy a prominent position on the international scene. For example, French cinema ranks second on the international film market, just after the United States, and French book publishing is the leading French cultural export industry. France has also had considerable international success in music, animation and television series production. Because the cultural and creative industries are a powerful vector of our soft diplomacy, supporting related exports is a priority for the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.